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Patient Insights

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak as a proponent of medical cannabis for people with Parkinson's. As a nurse practitioner, it was very exciting to share my insights on the benefits of cannabis in treating the symptoms of Parkinson's. "Cannabis can be very helpful for relieving anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia," I told them. Later, I got some feedback from a patient, who wanted everyone to know how great they felt after using cannabis. "You didn't tell the people about the pleasant feelings. Or that it makes everything you do so much more enjoyable. Especially intimacy! It's great to be able to do it at any age, but at my age, in my late 60s, it's just awesome!"

As a healthcare provider, I try not to speak too much about the "psychoactive" component of cannabis. People who are struggling with health issues are very unsure about "getting high." Perhaps this is not the right approach to take? How do you explain to people who have no experience with this medication what that part of it feels like?

I am glad that this person took the time to give me their feedback. I guess I forget that feeling good is good! If laughter is the best medicine, then could cannabis could be the best drug? What are your thoughts?

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