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Alison Carlson, APRN, MS, NP-C, Dip ACLM
Mary-Elise Carlson, BS

A lifelong Connecticut resident, and UCONN alumnus, Alison has spent three decades providing healthcare and wellness services to her neighbors. She specializes in the care of adults with complex health care needs. With a focus in neuroscience, and an evidence based approach to practice, she provides care targeting the health and function of the brain as well as the body.

In 2018, Alison founded her own Nurse Practitioner service, APRN4U LLC. In 2019, biological scientist Mary-Elise Carlson joined our service, providing specific expertise in the use of phytocannabinoids as treatment. In 2020, we added office staff to support our continued growth.

We welcome all individuals seeking a more positive mind body equilibrium, and strive to meet these needs in the context of a history of  trauma, mental and/or physical. We use a variety of traditional and alternative approaches including Reiki, crystal therapy, essential oils and chakra balancing and cleaning.

Our services include life style medicine based primary care, and an individualized treatment approach to state of CT approved medical cannabis qualifying conditions, including neuropathic and other types of chronic pain, treatment of migraine and other neurological disorders. Our private practice is conveniently located at the Bridge Healing Arts Center in Farmington. Please check out our Instagram @aprn4ullc and like us on Facebook @APRN4U.LLC 

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