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Happy LGBTQ+ Pride Month!

I love that I was born in June, under the sign of the Twins. We Geminis are honored to host Gay pride month ...

... and Juneteenth!

Which makes sense because the Twins exemplify the duality of the human soul, the best and the worst. We strive for the heavens but sink to the depths. We love deeply yet hate relentlessly. We say that all men are created equal but, hey, all people were born of woman so what about her?

As complex as humans are, we all long for simplicity. For me, the duality of our humanity hides this duplicity. And that lets us be all this or all that, or some of this and some of that, or we can reject it all or be it all. This is our birthright.

I pray that YOUR fellow humans respect your worth and your dignity every day of every month.


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